Reboot : new media in the old west

The internet, and its infrastructure allows for a universal consumption of data and information. This ability to transmit and receive has allowed a new sense of connectivity and closeness across the world. The landscape of western Nebraska is one of placelessness. Placeless in the sense that it is forgettable, seemingly detached from this hyper-connected world we live in. Surprisingly, western Nebraska also finds itself at the heart of the information age, as a player and site for many historical “firsts” in our Nation’s history.  Because the area never fully germinated, the landscape is still competing for control with the built environment. This interplay allows a certain site specificity that recalls the unique environmental qualities of places like Marfa, TX  


This thesis proposal takes advantage of embedded histories, exploring relationships between digital technology, site and art to create a network of artist’s residencies across a stretch of the Nebraska panhandle, interconnected by a Media Museum in the economic hub of Sidney. The museum acts as both a venue to display work, but also as a place to inform, teach and archive the digital data that constitutes the artworks. The residencies, displaced in the small towns surrounding Sidney provide a seed of potential for the towns, to bring people and ideas back into this landscape that has been so loosely populated and controlled, creating their own network of artistic creation across western Nebraska. This project looks to provide a sense of place that allows a direct conversation between the site-less, and the embedded histories that make up this distinctive site.